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Changchun BCHT Biotechnology Co.,Ltd

Changchun BCHT Biotechnology Co.,Ltd


Changchun BCHT Biotechnology Co.,Ltd
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BCHT was established in March 2004 by the investment of Changchun High technology Industry Development Property Group The company is a high tech enterprise engaged in research development production and marketing of biologics and drugs BCHT now owns four manufacturing sites which cover 235 000 square meters in total and two R D centers for vaccine and drug with the most equipped laboratories and pilot plants in the areas over 5000 square meters For the last few years the company s R D investment exceeds over 120 million RMB In 2008 BCHT successfully launched its product Varicella Vaccine Live in China In the following years BCHT continuously committed to improving the product and led in...

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Influenza Vaccine

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PreventiveBiopharmaceutical Final Bulk AttenuatedWhere is Varicella Vaccine AdministeredGelatin Free Long Validity High PotencyHow Many Shots is the Varicella VaccineGelatin Free Finished Products MedicineInfluenza Vaccine Guidelines PediatricsVaricella Vaccine Temperature ExcursionHow Often Do You Take Varicella VaccineIs Varicella Vaccine Subcutaneous or ImSemifinished Products Health Good SafetyVaricella Vaccine Nursing ConsiderationsFinal Bulk Long Validity Period FinishedFinal Bulk Lyophilized Finished ProductsTrehalose Human Albumin Sodium GlutamateFinished Products Attenuated BioproductsInfluenza Vaccine Nursing ConsiderationsVaricella Vaccine Pharmacological ActionFinished Products High Titer BioproductsVaricella Vaccine Effectiveness DurationVaricella Vaccine Cost Without InsuranceHow Much Time Between Varicella VaccinesVaccination Semifinished Products HealthIs Varicella Vaccine Required for SchoolFinished Products Attenuated VaccinationVaricella Vaccine Long Term Side EffectsFinished Products High Titer VaccinationBioproducts Semifinished Products HealthVaricella Vaccine for Healthcare WorkersBiopharmaceutical Lyophilized PreventiveVaricella Vaccine on Immunization RecordDrug Interactions with Varicella VaccineVaricella Vaccine Reactions Side EffectsVaricella Biopharmaceutical Gelatin FreeHow Much is the Varicella Vaccine at CvsHow Many Flu Vaccines Were Given in 2020Influenza Vaccine Long Term Side EffectsSemi-finished Products of Rabies VaccineBiopharmaceutical Lyophilized VaccinationCan Influenza Vaccine Be Given with OtherFinished Products Attenuated High PotencyWhere to Get Varicella Vaccine for AdultsBulk of Attenuated Live Varicella VaccineChicken Pox Finished Products VaccinationSemifinished Products High Potency HealthVaricella Biotechnology Finished ProductsBy Dissolution of The Lyophilized VaccineBiopharmaceutical Gelatin Free Final BulkHow Often Do Adults Get Varicella VaccineHow Often Should I Take Varicella VaccineChicken Pox Finished Products BioproductsFinished Products High Titer High PotencyCan Influenza Vaccine Prevent Influenza aIs Varicella Vaccine Covered by InsuranceHow Often is the Varicella Vaccine NeededFinished Products of Varicella Vaccine PFSBiopharmaceutical Biotechnology BiologicalCdc Contraindications to Varicella VaccineBiological Products High Titer BioproductsBiological Products Attenuated BioproductsVaricella Final Bulk Semifinished ProductsFinal Bulk Long Validity Period BiologicalChicken Pox Finished Products High PotencyVaccination Semifinished Products MedicineVaccine Biotechnology Long Validity PeriodFinal Bulk Long Validity Period AttenuatedFinal Bulk Lyophilized Biological ProductsVaricella Long Validity Period Good SafetyHow Often Should You Get Varicella VaccineBiotechnology Final Bulk Finished ProductsWhat Year Was Varicella Vaccine IntroducedBiological Products High Titer VaccinationContraindications to Influenza Vaccine CdcBiological Products Attenuated VaccinationBiopharmaceutical Biotechnology PreventiveBioproducts Semifinished Products MedicineBiopharmaceutical Lyophilized High PotencyWho Influenza Vaccine Recommendations 2020How Often Do Adults Need Varicella VaccineBiopharmaceutical Long Validity BiologicalVaricella Biotechnology Biological ProductsSemifinished Products High Potency MedicineDecrease the Ratio of Anaphylaxis IncidenceHow Often Should Influenza Vaccine Be TakenSemi-finished Products of Varicella VaccineChicken Pox Biological Products BioproductsWhere Should the Varicella Vaccine Be GivenChicken Pox Biological Products VaccinationWhen Did Varicella Vaccine Become MandatoryLong Validity Period Lyophilized BiologicalBiological Products High Titer High PotencyWhen Did Varicella Vaccine Become AvailableBiotechnology Long Validity Period ProductsBiotechnology Lyophilized Finished ProductsLong Validity Period Lyophilized AttenuatedBiopharmaceutical Bulk Long Validity PeriodHow Often Should Influenza Vaccine Be GivenVaricella Vaccine How Long Before EffectiveBiological Products Attenuated High PotencyBiopharmaceutical Vaccine Finished ProductsBiopharmaceutical Live Long Validity PeriodLong Validity Period Lyophilized High TiterBiopharmaceutical Bioproducts PharmaceuticalBiopharmaceutical Gelatin Free BiotechnologyLong Validity Period Lyophilized Chicken PoxGelatin Free Biological Products VaccinationBiotechnology Final Bulk Biological ProductsChicken Pox Biological Products High PotencyBioproducts Semifinished Products PreventiveVaccination Semifinished Products PreventiveBiopharmaceutical Lyophilized PharmaceuticalWithout Visually Detectable Foreign ParticlesIs Varicella Vaccine Same As Shingles VaccineVaccination Bioproducts Semifinished ProductsSemifinished Products High Potency PreventiveBiotechnology Long Validity Period High TiterBioproducts Semifinished Products Good SafetyVaccination Semifinished Products Good SafetyBiotechnology Long Validity Period BiologicalAttenuated Lyophilized Live Varicella VaccineGelatin Free 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PreventiveBiological Products Finished Products BioproductsBiopharmaceutical Long Validity Period Chicken PoxBiological Products Finished Products High PotencyVaricella Vaccine May Be Given to Patients Who AreLong Validity Period Lyophilized Finished Products
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