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Changchun BCHT Biotechnology Co.,Ltd

Changchun BCHT Biotechnology Co.,Ltd


Changchun BCHT Biotechnology Co.,Ltd
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BCHT was established in March 2004 by the investment of Changchun High technology Industry Development Property Group The company is a high tech enterprise engaged in research development production and marketing of biologics and drugs BCHT now owns four manufacturing sites which cover 235 000 square meters in total and two R D centers for vaccine and drug with the most equipped laboratories and pilot plants in the areas over 5000 square meters For the last few years the company s R D investment exceeds over 120 million RMB In 2008 BCHT successfully launched its product Varicella Vaccine Live in China In the following years BCHT continuously committed to improving the product and led in...

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Varicella Vaccine(Live)

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Rabies VaccineOka Strain SeedWith The DiluentFunction and UseCFDA Approval NoIn the Glass VialVaricella VaccineExenatide AcetateMild Rabies VaccineBulk Live Final BulkAgainst Rabies VirusFreezing Is ForbiddenFrom Age of 12 MonthsPFS Varicella VaccineStable Rabies VaccineBulk Live LyophilizedVaricella Vaccine LiveStored and TransportedBulk Of Rabies VaccineBulk of Rabies VaccineUsed To Prevent RabiesThe White Fluey PelletGelatin Free Final BulkBulk Live BiotechnologyDopting BH-2 StabilizerWith Cold Chain in DarkRabies Vaccine For HumanLive Medicine PreventiveNot Less Than 3.3 Lg PFUActive Ingredient IncludeBulk Of Varicella VaccinePenicillin Bottle PackageThe Reconstituted VaccineBulk of Varicella VaccinePrevention for Chicken PoxGlucose Carbamide ArginineHuman Diploid Cell CultureLive High Potency MedicinePFS Varicella Vaccine LiveMade of Borosilicate GlassFreeze-Dried Rabies VaccineSterile Water for InjectionVaricella Gelatin Free LiveVaricella Final Bulk HealthLive Good Safety PreventiveLive Varicella-zoster VirusMild Bulk Of Rabies VaccineVaccination Health MedicineLive Varicella Zoster VirusBioproducts Health MedicineGood Safety of Gelatin FreeVaccine Products PreventiveRabies Vaccine For Human UseBiopharmaceutical Final BulkGelatin Free Live Final BulkLive Lyophilized VaccinationRabies Vaccine for Human UseHigh Potency Health MedicineInactive Ingredients IncludeLive Lyophilized AttenutatedLive Attenutated LyophilizedProduct is White Fluey PelletVaccination Health PreventiveBioproducts Health PreventiveGelatin Free Live LyophilizedBulk Gelatin Free LyophilizedVaccine Attenuated PreventiveVaccine High Titer PreventiveHigh Potency Health PreventiveBulk Live Long Validity PeriodVaccination Bioproducts HealthGelatin Free Health PreventiveGelatin Free High Titer HealthProduction Standard of VaccineVaccination Health Good SafetyBiopharmaceutical Gelatin FreeLive Preventive PharmaceuticalBioproducts Health Good SafetyLive Biotechnology Chicken PoxProducts Registration StandardHigh Titer and Immune EfficacyVaccine Chicken Pox PreventiveFinal Bulk Medicine PreventiveLive Bioproducts PharmaceuticalBulk Gelatin Free BiotechnologyGelatin Free Live BiotechnologyChangchun BCHT Biotechnology CoVaccination High Potency HealthHigh Potency Health Good SafetyThe Vial Contains 0.5 Ml LiquidBiotechnology Health PreventiveVaricella Biopharmaceutical LiveVaricella Final Bulk BioproductsLong Validity Period Chicken PoxLive Vaccine Biological ProductsVaricella Lyophilized PreventiveRemoval of Gelatin From AdjuvantVaccination Bioproducts MedicineVaricella Final Bulk VaccinationVaricella Vaccine Live AttenuatedBiopharmaceutical Live Final BulkBioproducts High Potency MedicineVaccine Biotechnology LyophilizedHigh Titer Attenuated BioproductsVaccination High Potency MedicineFinal Bulk Lyophilized High TiterFinal Bulk Lyophilized AttenuatedHigh Titer Attenuated VaccinationThe Validity Period for 36 MonthsVaricella Final Bulk High PotencyFinal Bulk Good Safety PreventiveVaricella-zoster Virus Oka StrainFinal Bulk Lyophilized Chicken PoxBiopharmaceutical Live LyophilizedVaricella Vaccine Live LyophilizedBiopharmaceutical Bulk LyophilizedChicken Pox Attenuated VaccinationBH-2 Stabilizer with Own IP RightsChicken Pox Vaccination PreventiveVaricella Biotechnology AttenuatedHigh Titer Attenuated High PotencyChicken Pox High Titer VaccinationVaricella Biotechnology High TiterVaccination Bioproducts PreventiveChicken Pox Attenuated BioproductsChicken Pox High Titer BioproductsFinished Products Of Rabies VaccineVaricella Biotechnology Chicken PoxBiotechnology Final Bulk AttenuatedGelatin Free Attenuated VaccinationPrefilled Syringe Varicella VaccineVaccination Bioproducts Good SafetyDiluent Sterile Water for InjectionFinished Products of Rabies VaccineBiotechnology Final Bulk High TiterVaccination High Potency PreventiveGelatin Free Vaccination PreventiveBioproducts High Potency PreventiveStable Rabies Vaccine For Human UseGelatin Free High Titer Good SafetyChicken Pox Attenuated High PotencyGelatin Free Bioproducts PreventiveFinal Bulk Pharmaceutical PreventiveGelatin Free High Titer High PotencyPreventing the Person From VaricellaBiopharmaceutical Vaccine High TiterBiotechnology Bioproducts PreventiveBiopharmaceutical Live BiotechnologyBiotechnology Lyophilized AttenuatedVaccination High Potency Good SafetyBioproducts High Potency Good SafetyBiopharmaceutical Bulk BiotechnologyVaccination Bioproducts High PotencyBiotechnology Lyophilized High TiterHigh Potency and Good ImmunogenicityGelatin Free Chicken Pox BioproductsGelatin Free High Potency PreventiveLive Biotechnology Finished ProductsLive Long Validity Period High TiterBiotechnology Vaccination PreventiveBiotechnology Final Bulk Chicken PoxBiopharmaceutical Vaccine AttenuatedSemifinished Products Health MedicineGelatin Free High Potency Good SafetyBiotechnology Lyophilized Chicken PoxActive Immunization Against VaricellaGelatin Free Long Validity High TiterAfter Reconstitution a Clear SolutionFinal Long Validity Period High TiterEnhances the Stability of the ProductBiotechnology High Potency PreventiveStored and Transported with Cold ChainFinished Products of Varicella VaccineMedicine Prefilled Syringe Good SafetyHuman Albumin Sodium Glutamate SucroseHealthy Varicella Susceptible SubjectsGelatin Free Live Long Validity PeriodBulk Gelatin Free Long Validity PeriodLong Validity Period by Good StabilityGelatin Free Long Validity Good SafetyEnhance the Vaccine Safety and QualityVaccine Biological Products PreventiveBiopharmaceutical Bioproducts MedicineVaricella Long Validity Period MedicineBiopharmaceutical Final Bulk High TiterBiopharmaceutical Final Bulk AttenuatedGelatin Free Finished Products MedicineSemifinished Products Health PreventiveGelatin Free Long Validity High PotencyDirections for Use of Varicella VaccineFinal Bulk Long Validity Period FinishedTrehalose Human Albumin Sodium GlutamateSemifinished Products Health Good SafetyFinal Bulk Lyophilized Finished ProductsFinished Products High Titer VaccinationBiopharmaceutical Lyophilized PreventiveVaccination Semifinished Products HealthSemi-finished Products of Rabies VaccineFinished Products Attenuated BioproductsFinished Products High Titer BioproductsVaricella Biopharmaceutical Gelatin FreeFinished Products Attenuated VaccinationBioproducts Semifinished Products HealthSemifinished Products High Potency HealthBy Dissolution of The Lyophilized VaccineFinished Products High Titer High PotencyChicken Pox Finished Products BioproductsBiopharmaceutical Lyophilized VaccinationFinished Products Attenuated High PotencyBulk of Attenuated Live Varicella VaccineVaricella Biotechnology Finished ProductsChicken Pox Finished Products VaccinationBiopharmaceutical Gelatin Free Final BulkVaccine Biotechnology Long Validity PeriodBiopharmaceutical Biotechnology BiologicalFinished Products of Varicella Vaccine PFSBiological Products High Titer VaccinationBiological Products Attenuated VaccinationBiopharmaceutical Biotechnology PreventiveBiotechnology Final Bulk Finished ProductsVaccination Semifinished Products MedicineChicken Pox Finished Products High PotencyBiopharmaceutical Long Validity BiologicalFinal Bulk Lyophilized Biological ProductsBiopharmaceutical Lyophilized High PotencyBiological Products High Titer BioproductsFinal Bulk Long Validity Period BiologicalFinal Bulk Long Validity Period AttenuatedBioproducts Semifinished Products MedicineBiological Products Attenuated BioproductsVaricella Final Bulk Semifinished ProductsVaricella Long Validity Period Good SafetyBiopharmaceutical Live Long Validity PeriodBiopharmaceutical Bulk Long Validity PeriodDecrease the Ratio of Anaphylaxis IncidenceChicken Pox Biological Products BioproductsBiotechnology Long Validity Period ProductsSemi-finished Products of Varicella VaccineLong Validity Period Lyophilized BiologicalBiotechnology Lyophilized Finished ProductsBiological Products High Titer High PotencySemifinished Products High Potency MedicineVaricella Biotechnology Biological ProductsBiological Products Attenuated High PotencyChicken Pox Biological Products VaccinationLong Validity Period Lyophilized High TiterBiopharmaceutical Vaccine Finished ProductsLong Validity Period Lyophilized AttenuatedVaccination Semifinished Products PreventiveBiopharmaceutical Bioproducts PharmaceuticalGelatin Free Biological Products VaccinationBioproducts Semifinished Products PreventiveBiopharmaceutical Gelatin Free BiotechnologyBiopharmaceutical Lyophilized PharmaceuticalChicken Pox Biological Products High PotencyBiotechnology Final Bulk Biological ProductsLong Validity Period Lyophilized Chicken PoxAttenuated Lyophilized Live Varicella VaccineGelatin Free Semifinished Products PreventiveVaricella Long Validity Period PharmaceuticalVaccination Semifinished Products Good SafetyBiotechnology Long Validity Period AttenuatedVaccination Bioproducts Semifinished ProductsSemifinished Products High Potency PreventiveBiotechnology Lyophilized Biological ProductsBiotechnology Long Validity Period BiologicalBiotechnology Long Validity Period High TiterWithout Visually Detectable Foreign ParticlesBioproducts Semifinished Products Good SafetyVaccination Semifinished Products High PotencyVaricella Vaccine Live Attenutated LyophilizedSemifinished Products High Potency Good SafetyBiotechnology Long Validity Period Chicken PoxImmuno Activity Against Varicella Zoster VirusBioproducts Semifinished Products High PotencyBiotechnology Semifinished Products PreventiveBiopharmaceutical Finished Products Chicken PoxVaricella Vaccine Lyophilized Finished ProductsChicken Pox Biological Product Finished ProductsPropagation of Attenuated Varicella Zoster VirusBiological Products Finished Products VaccinationBiopharmaceutical Long Validity Finished ProductsBiopharmaceutical Long Validity Period PreventiveBiological Products Finished Products BioproductsLong Validity Period Lyophilized Finished ProductsBiological Products Finished Products High PotencyBiopharmaceutical Long Validity Period Chicken Pox
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